Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gluten free travel

ups and downs

I am on the plane from Athens to Dubai as I write this. Having spent 3 glorious weeks with family and friends in the UK and Greece, I am happy to report some successes and some tribulations!

Firstly, the UK is easy! If you have a chance to get to Waitrose, check out their bread.....I didn't know weather to laugh or cry. The GF bread was amazing. In fact I thought I must have picked up the 'real' bread by accident. I was chuffed to bits, but also wondering why that kind of quality isn't available in Australia as well? Sainsburys followed very closely behind in terms of bread quality, and they also had the equivalent of a Bakewell tart......oh my goodness it was good! Same experience last time I went to the UK last year....I was happy! 

If you are travelling around Europe but starting in the UK my tip would be to grab as many of the par baked, vacuum packed rolls from Waitrose or Sainsbury's rolls as you can. Take them with you to mainland Europe. I took mine to Greece and I never had any issues with friendly taverna owners popping them in the oven for me while I was in Greece.

The downside of gluten
free travel is airports.....gosh I find them tough.  Doesn't matter how organised I am, either when travelling professionally or personally, I must admit I find them frustrating. I almost wish McDonalds did a GF roll and burger, would help (although a bit lower down the pecking order than this amazing Greek salad!)....until next time.....x