Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gluten Free Expo 2009

Wow, this was such an awesome event! I'm so glad my hubby and I got there early, as by the time we ran out of money and wanted to pop out and back in again to the ATM, there was at least an hour long queue to get in.

I left feeling stuffed full of yummy food - lots I'd seen before, much I hadn't. Pies, cakes, breads, cereals, sauces - all the things we have to look carefully for were there.

My product picks of the day were from healthy feast ( Check out their range of products - the pies are seriously yummy, I cannot recommend them enough. But they also had some yummy white rolls, quiches, the most amazing array of cakes, tarts etc I'd ever seen. To my absolute delight, I found out they are at our local farmers market (Frenchs Forest) every Sunday so I'll be up there tomorrow clearing them out of awesome products!

I found a bread company I hadn't come accross before ( I tried their mixed grain and turkish bread and both seemed really lovely, so I'll definitely be ordering stuff from them.

The biggest message I got from the day was that if you cannot find some of these amazing products in your nearby supermarkets or delis or cafes, as the cafe owners. Everyone I asked said they could get products to me, but also could I recommend anyone they could approach. It's worth remembering, the power is with us to try to help these amazing providers get us there beautiful products.


  1. Hi GF Aussie girl, we are a young family migrating to Oz, we had a Coeliac boy, Do you have any suggestion about ham and smallgoods?

  2. Hey - so sorry, I only saw this comment just now. You need to check the labels on the ham. The food labels are the best in the world in Australia so very, very clear. Leg Ham would be my pick, from the Deli. You know it's fresh. Also make sure you join the Coeliac Society as soon as you arrive (or even before) so you understand how it all works out here. Good luck, where are you moving to?

  3. You are right - there are lots of good quality gluten free products available and the challenge for most people is finding them. Also since we all have individual tastes and preferences what one person likes will not be the same for the next person. It takes time to adapt to a new diet with restrictions, especially when moving to a new country but once you become used to it, it stops feeling difficult, especially once you start to feel healthy and vibrant. This applies to people with coeliac disease and also people suffering from food intolerances - be patient and be positive and good health will not be far away.

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