Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Old Time Bakery Organic Gluten Free Wraps

I had the best tip ever from a cafe owner in Manly (Pure Wholefoods when I ordered one of their gluten free wraps, which I must share with you.

First off, I must tell you that the wrap I ordered was so good, I actually called the waiter over to double, double check for me that it was definitely the gluten free wrap he had given me! It was, but he shared his tip.

The wrap I had was the Organic Guten Free Wrap from Old Time Bakery. I had tried them before, and didn't like them. But the waiter said to me, boil some water in the very bottom of a pan, and steam the wrap (either straight from the freezer or fresh out of the packet) for one minute, with the lid on - you'll get a lovely, pliable, easy to use wrap.

So I bought a packet of the Old Time Bakery Wraps and now feel that I have so much more choice! They can be frozen and then steamed in a minute, and I feel like I'm having a normal lunch! I've even used them for bacon and egg wraps in the morning.

What a great tip - thanks guys.


  1. These sound fab... We need some in the UK....

  2. Yes, they have certainly changed my lunchtimes into something I like now! I had one with hummous, haloumi, leg ham, rocket and spinach and lemon drizzled today - yummy!! I hope you find something similar - my impression was you guys in the UK were a bit more advanced than us in terms of products, so surely there is something out there?

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  4. These wraps are my favourites. I also use them at lunchtime and fill them with healthy, yummy gluten free ingrediants. I cannot live without the The Old Time Bakery in Yagoona, Sydney.

  5. I use these wraps for a healthy pizza base. They are the best - even my non gluten free friends like them like this!!

  6. Yum what a great tip! I wanted to say hi and tell you I'm enjoying looking around your blog. My daughter has Coeliac Disease and I probably do.... we found out when I was 30 and she was 3 - it's a huge huge thing to get your head around isn't it? I hope you're enjoying life with your two little ones.

    xx Lucy

  7. Hello,

    Old time bakery is committed to producing the finest certified organic and gluten free wraps. Thanks...

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  8. It is such a lovely statement to find a new gluten-free source. I like your writing style.

  9. Another place that has the best gluten free wraps (in fact non GF friends who have tried them say they are the best wraps, period): Sprout on Belmore Road Randwick!
    I am actually addicted, I have had one every day since I worked out they had GF wraps. I also double, triple checked they were GF and sometimes I still can't believe they are because they taste no different to a normal wholemeal wrap. Apparently the secret is buckwheat flour not rice flour.

    They are a bit pricey, $10 for a wrap and a bit more if you add other things to their standard menu items, but seriously well worth the $$. I have stopped shopping for clothes in my lunch break in order to accommodate my new wrap addiction haha.

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  11. Hi Zoe My name is Tara ( I love your blog and am a new follower.
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award

    Happy Friday :)


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